3662.jpgAre you feeling anxious about relationships, work or the future? Are you feeling anxious but don’t know why? Are you experiencing relationship problems or are you looking for couples counselling?

Bridgeway Counselling offers you the opportunity to bridge the gap between your present difficulties and your innate potential so that you can lead a more serene and successful life.

In my practice I see problems, challenges and pain not only as obstacles that need to be overcome. I see them also as a tremendous opportunity to discover more of who you are. With time, compassion and perseverence the different parts of your personality can be harmonised into a balanced and self directed whole that is more than the sum of its different parts. The result is a newly found vitality, strength and an ever increasing freedom to consciously choose what is right and nurturing for yourself so that you can take charge of your life and embody your potential.

As a professional and respected therapist, I offer an empathic, empowering and safe space. I have worked as a therapist for several years and have experience of working with the majority of problems that people encounter. I work with adults, young people, men and women of different cultures and sexual orientation. I was raised bilingual within a multicultural community. Having experienced a wide range of cultures from a very young age, I have learned to embrace and honour diversity early on. My respect for difference and diversity is also reflected in my therapeutic approach. As a Psychosynthesis trained therapist, I am able to draw on an vast range of models and techniques to suit your preference, needs and learning style. I offer counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples in Shepherd’s Bush (W12), West London.


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