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Taking the first step towards seeing a therapist can sometimes be a daunting experience. Whilst some clients identify problems and book appointments with great ease, others are unsure of their needs and are confronted with fear, shame, inner criticism, skepticism or ambivalence. Mindful of this, I would like to assure you of a confidential and safe space where you are welcome together with your hopes, fears, expectations and doubts.

My name is Flavio Cernotta and I am of Swiss-Italian origin. I was raised bilingual within a mixed race community in both Switzerland and Italy and have lived in London for over 15 years. Having experienced a wide range of cultures from a very young age, I have learned to embrace and honour diversity early on.

Regardless of your circumstances, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, religious belief or disability, I wish to offer you an opportunity to overcome your difficulties and lead a fulfilling life in line with your potential.

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