378-web-602Are you experiencing relationship issues? Are you feeling anxious? Are you looking for couples counselling?

Bridgeway Counselling offers you the opportunity to see through your difficulties so you can lead a more successful and content life in line with your potential. Counselling and psychotherapy sessions are available in West London (W12), Shepherds Bush. I also work over the phone or via Skype.

What is potential? Potential is all that is possible and accessible to you. In my practice I focus on the potential of my clients as well as the potential of the difficulties that they are facing. We have problems and are more than our problems and problems too are more than just obstacles. They present an opportunity for growth.

Working together we will be able to clarify what concerns you and enable to you draw on your resources so you can overcome your difficulties. Sessions take place within a confidential and empathic setting where you will be able to discuss difficult feelings and suffering without fear of judgement. I am a professional and respected therapist with several years of experience and have worked with the majority of problems that people encounter.

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